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A planet in the dark is drifting.
A story filled with mystery is never-ending.
The memory of time keeps ticking.

2023.7.21 NEW

Pre-sale 2023.6.1 / Sale 2023.7.21

In the dusk is a tear of the goddess fallen.
The one and only light shines golden.
In my heart is the truth unshaken.




  1. Apply C to the crease with a wide applicator tip.
  2. Apply D to the lash line with a narrow applicator tip.
  3. Apply B to blend the border between C and the skin with a brush. Also, apply it to the entire lower eyelid.
  4. Apply A to the center of the upper eyelid. Also, draw a horizontal V shape over the inner corner of the eye.

The farthest planet, Neptune.
Its brilliance melts into pure blue.
Dressed in luster is strength,
lurking in the depth.




  1. Apply D to the lash line of the upper eyelid with a narrow applicator tip in a slightly thick line. Also, apply it to the lash line of the lower eyelid.
  2. Blend C over the crease with a wide applicator tip.
  3. Apply B to blend the border between C and the skin with a brush.
  4. Apply A to the center of the upper eyelid and the lash line of the lower eyelid in a slightly thin line with a wide applicator tip. Also, draw a horizontal V shape over the inner corner of the eye.


2 new types (including 1 limited type)
¥6,820 (including tax) More

A gold star with unique brilliance.
A blue star that glows in the distance.
This four-color eyeshadow set possesses the power of the planets.
Its clear luster and dignified metallic sheen give your eyes a mysterious presence and a profound look.
For an attractive gaze with unshakable strength.

20 colors your eyes with its dignified metallic sheen.

EX32 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX32 limited
EX32 has a cool blue-green color that is smoky and glossy.

  • : A color that gives your eyes glamour with its colorful radiance.
  • : A color that gives your eyes nuance with its translucent coloration.
  • : A color that contains subtle but dignified metallic shine.
  • : A color that adds translucent shadows with its light-filled shades.


1 limited types ¥ 3,300 (including tax) More

Every time you blink, sparkles overflow.
Luminous and translucent pearls emitting a variety of light,
this eye pencil creates bright and clear eyes.
Add a nuance of radiance to your eye makeup as you wish.

EX02 gives away a fresh impression with its pink shimmer and sparkles.


・Creating a bright look with a multicolored glow

The color gives away a fresh impression by adding pink polarized nuances to large pink, gold, and silver pearls with strong radiance and transparency.
Overlapping shines make a bright look, giving rise to a multicolored glow that shimmers differently depending on the angle while creating a sheer, lustrous feel.

・Creamy texture and a sleek feel when applying

With a somewhat thick core, it has a soft, smooth feel when applying.
Not only can it be used as an eyeliner, but you can also spread it broadly to serve as an eyeshadow.

・Lasting, beautiful finish resistant to sweat, water, and sebum

A blend of oils with a film component. The film component creates a snugly fitting coating through oil volatilization for a lasting, beautiful finish resistant to sweat, water, and sebum.


1 limited types ¥3,520 (including tax) More

Just like a mysterious blue light falling down.
This oil-based eyeshadow contours your eyes while giving them a dewy and glossy finish.
For a clear and transparent look with blue-green radiance.

EX09 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX09 limited
EX09 contains a translucent base packed with dazzling blue-green radiance.


・Oil Dipping Base

A formula that makes good use of lustrous oils as well as oils that spread smoothly. It achieves maximum extraction of pearls’ shine and oils’ glow by dipping pearls in these oils. A flickering depth is obtained by distributing pearls, big and small, evenly in oil.


1 limited types ¥4,180 (including tax) More

Spreading and blending like water while turning into a matte texture, this liquid lipstick stays in place and creates a finish that makes your lips look as if they are dyed.
It gives your lips a fresh and moisturized feel while being matte, making them enchanting and chic with its pinkish brown color.

EX08 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX08 limited
EX08 has a chic brown color with a pink nuance.


・Water-in-Oil Formula

An emulsification formula that uses water dispersed inside the oil. After the volatile oils’ volatilization, the remaining oils tightly fit the lips by forming an extremely thin film.
Capturing the moisturizing ingredients in the stratum corneum prevents water from transpiring and creates a dewy finish that seems to have water contained within itself.

・The use of Spread Fit Polymers

A semi-translucent polymer is used to boost adhesiveness and disperse coloring materials. As well as creating a matte texture, it makes a uniform, even finish.


1 limited types ¥4,400 (including tax) More

Wear a modern vibe in sophisticated brown beige.
Upon touch, it melts, fits, and brims with a fresh, dewy luster.
A rich color freshly shining, this lipstick enhances the texture and plumpness of the lips for a mellow finish.

EX20 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX20 limited
EX20 gives away a calm impression with its chic brown beige color.


・Double Oil formula

Achieves both fresh, radiant colors and a snug fit by using two types of oil.
Fitting the lips with a melting feel, it is not prone to smudging or creating an uneven coat.

Fresh Balm Oil
Highly adhesive, lustrous,
and translucent
Light-textured Oil
Dewy feel during use


2 limited types ¥2,750 (including tax) More

Sold separately :
Cheek compact ¥1,100 (including tax)
Set price ¥3,850 (including tax)

Let the chic beige tone beautifully enhance your bone structure.
While the saturation of the color is kept low, this blush creates a natural contour with its texture.
The sheer coloring blends in with the skin, giving it a natural luster and a clear complexion.

EX06 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX06 limited
EX06 gives a glossy finish to your cheeks with its delicate gold pearls.

EX07 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX07 limited
EX07 creates a subtle complexion with its chic beige color with a hint of red.

・Complexion that blends with the skin

Thanks to an elastic semi-translucent polymer that wraps around the pigment, the pigment naturally blends with the skin without becoming cakey.


2 limited types ¥2,200 (including tax) More

The color is dignified and packed with sparkles of pearls.
This nail polish gives the same vivid color as in the bottle with a single stroke.
It spreads evenly and has excellent quick-drying properties, giving the nails a beautiful finish as though lustrous arcs had been drawn on your fingertips.

EX37 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX37 limited
EX37 has metallic silver shining in dusky gold.

EX38 <span class="u-limited-mark">limited</span>
EX38 limited
EX38 has red and gold pearls sparkling in dark brown.

Holy Nature

The beauty has fascinated people since ancient times.
Think of the universe spreading out in the skies.